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At Master Shelvings, we take pride in revolutionizing the retail landscape with our cutting-edge shelving solutions tailored specifically for supermarkets. With a keen understanding of the dynamic needs of modern retail environments, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality shelving systems designed to optimize space, enhance product visibility, and elevate the overall shopping experience

Super Market Shelf 5 Level Single Wall

The supermarket shelf allows easy accommodation of heavy and bulky products with visibility & air space.

  • It takes less time for employees while material handling, they are easily adjustable.
  • This shelf system stores products that are not too heavy and do not take up a lot of space.
  • With this shelf system, you can store up to 100kg per shelf, this shelving is a high-quality product designed to hold more loads.
  • Supermarket shelving provides easy access to your products and gives your storage space a stylish look.
  • With the help of a plastic strip, you can easily put prices on display.

Product Specifications

Smart 5-Level Double Side Super Market Rack, 100x40x200cm, White
This rack is designed with shelves on both sides, providing twice the display space compared to traditional single-sided racks. This feature is especially useful for high-traffic areas and larger retail spaces. This rack features a double-sided design, allowing you to maximize the use of available floor space and create an organized and efficient display area for a wide range of products.

Material Metal and Powder Coating
Load Capacity 80 – 100 Kg
Storage Capacity 5 Tier
Height 200cm
Length 100cm
Width 40cm

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